Tell Me Good Bye

I hate this love song, I’ll never sing it again
So I can stop thinking of you, so I can finally forget you

I’m scared, this world is meaningless
Take me to where you are, a place with the moon and stars

The warm rays of the sun are of another world
The field of reeds are dancing all alone
I remain paused at a green hill, holding a conversation I’ve yet to finish wth him
The sky is of an expressionless face that holds no answers

You’re probably hiding behind the clouds, you’re probably a star
I close my eyes and feel your breath, I dream of you
A smile spreads across my lips, you’re breathing with me now
Time, please stop, don’t divide him and I
Wind, stop blowing, this is my last letter to you

Watashi wa yomi itadaki, arigatōgozaimashita toyuu shitai