Sorry I was falling in love with you

For all of the time that I tried for your smile ,For making you think that I was worth the while ,So your love love love love love would be mine ,For sending you flowers and holding your hand ,That no one was there to take a stand ,But then love love love made us blind ,And I'm so sorry that I hurt you

Sorry that I fell through ,sorry I was falling in love with you
I'm sorry that it came true ,But sorry doesn't turn back time
For all that I have done to you

I wish that I could make it right ,So sorry that I loved you
Sorry that I needed you ,Sorry that I hold you tight,And I'm So sorry for... So sorry that I loved you ,Sorry that I needed you ,Sorry that I hold you tight ,And I'm So sorry for... ,Making you love me and saying goodbye

For being the one that taught you how to cry ,It was love love love and it passed us by ,For giving you every thing that you dreamed ,For taking it back when I fled the scene ,Sorry love, for wasting your time

Sorry that I needed you ,Sorry that I hold you tight ,And apology now after all of this time ,Won't make my difference tonight ,But I'm hoping I'm Sorry will open your mind ,To love love love love in your life ..

Watashi wa yomi itadaki, arigatōgozaimashita toyuu shitai

My First Journey

; awchhhh hyee guyss,lame nye fisha x berblogging dhhh, since keja ni, busyy suda bha, btw harini sha OFF DAYS, hahha best gilaaaa, lehh rileks-2, sha na share smthg mcm tittle kat atss, ahahha my frst journey,ni bukan journey pergi mne-2, its means, mcm sha, frst journey sha kerja* haha ohh now dh 3 weeks keje, alhmdlh so far semua nya okayyy,

staff kerja pon ok,cume smts ketua staff sha ikot mood dia la, kadg ok kdg muka masam ja, mlut dia dh rupa mcm angry bird dh bila buat kerja*hahha muncung mcm itik, ahah adk bradik angry bird, hee,then mcm-2 perangai custmer sha jumpa,kalu na tulis,cnfrm x habis,mls la na tulis, haha

then dpttt banyak kawan bru* alhhmdlhh diorg semua baik,okay,,friendly ngan sha,, smts ade cakp cina ngan sha*gagaga ( dh mcm perkra biasa lak) for 100% im malay*hee well yg xbest nya,stiap kali sha keje je, msti rindu kan kat si dia*serius sumpah gila rinduu dia gila vavI*dulu mse kerja chef kat KL, si dia selalu teman shaaa, mse pergi kerja, time rest kerja,time balik ponn dia selalu teman sha,,, skangg dh takde dhhh.

 btw  Congratulations for ur VIMA AWARD, u dpt third ctegorie dlm Best Band,congratz again*ilysm ,heee bye-2

Watashi wa yomi itadaki, arigatōgozaimashita toyuu shitai


; yeayyy alhmdllhhh, dh dapat surat dr kolej, naaati kena pergi ambil anugerah cemerlang 3. hb ni bersaamaan hari Sabtu*hee superb awesome ;3 cant wait okay! sbb rindu gile-2 kat kawaan 1 course dulu masee kat kolejj, nati jumpa balik,hee

rasee nak lompat-2 ja terima surat dr kolej,bukan hepy sbb na dpt anugerah cemerlng tu, hepy sbb dpt jumpe kawan lamee,t leh bergosip-2 balik,haha xboleblah, well sampai ke hari ini fikir,tak tahu na pakai baju apeee,pakai high heels yang mane,

help me help me!! hahhaa rase nak pakai baju kebayaaa,hee but dun noee nak pakai baju kebaya wane ape, well i hope that time, my father ade sekali,
hee,well kawan-2 sha tak sabarrrr nak jumpaa korang okayyy, rindu sangat kat korang n gelagat korang,hahhaa nati kite jumpe okayy, weeee nati if that anugerah ,sha akan capt gamba time kat sna, hee but kna tggu anthr entry,heee bye-2 ;3

Watashi wa yomi itadaki, arigatōgozaimashita toyuu shitai

Its Sweet Like Sugar

;hee okay la,sbb rajin sgt nak berblogging kan, haaa amek la gamba-2 bawah ni, sweet kan macam gule-2,hahaha sbb taktahu na buat entry ape, atlest tengok gamba ni sejuk haty sikit,hahhaa takboleblah, ni drama dream high,btw sha suka sgt part yang dlm gamba bwah ni,heeee awesome,
5 bintang for Dream High ;3

I Love you Suzy ;3

Watashi wa yomi itadaki, arigatōgozaimashita toyuu shitai

Love Birthdays

First Birthday;
She looks into his eyes in daycare

Second Birthday;
They go to the candy store and share a gummy worm

Third Birthday;
They go to the toy store and he picks out a teddy bear for her

Fourth Birthday;
They go to Chuckie Cheese’s and he gives her some of his tickets

Fifth Birthday;
They go to the park and he pushes the swing for her

Sixth Birthday;
They’re in first grade and they’re dotting each others i’s and crossing each others t’s

Seventh Birthday;
They’re sharing a seat on the school bus

Eighth Birthday;
He’s showing her his collection of comic books

Ninth Birthday;
They’re at the pet store playing with a puppy and naming it together

Tenth Birthday;
They’re watching the premiere of High School Musical

Eleventh Birthday;
They’re laughing at the penguins at the zoo

Twelfth Birthday;
They’re sitting next to each other at the foot ball game

Thirteenth Birthday;
They’re at an amusement park and he told her he loves her

Fourteenth Birthday;
They go to a haunted house and he holds her hand the whole time

Fifteenth Birthday;
They’re at the movie theatre watching The Last Song

Sixteenth Birthday;
She has the first dance with him at her Sweet Sixteenth

Seventeenth Birthday;
They go out to dinner and share a plate of spaghetti

Eighteenth Birthday;
She’s cheering for him at the Homecoming game

Nineteenth Birthday;
They go to prom together and get crowned prom queen and king

Twentieth Birthday;
They’re sitting on the beach making a sand castle

Twenty First Birthday;
He’s down on one knee asking her to marry him?

Watashi wa yomi itadaki, arigatōgozaimashita toyuu shitai

Love Quotes

1.I remember the image of you who waited for me again today
From time to time, when things get though, I always think of you
Thank you... when I'm happy we all laugh together... and loving hearts are always abounding,Now, having just received your heart, I'll give everything back to you

2.You must have had a harder time than I did,You must have worried more than I did,Because of you I was able to stand,It’s a thankful heart,thanks,And because of you,I’m happy

3.When I miss you, I close my eyes and I can see that person better
I try to forget and erase, but I get reminded of that person more
I told myself a lie thinking that that person would come back
That person never said that he will be coming back, but all I can do is wait

4.When ever you think of your special someone, you smile and feel happy inside and cant stop thinking of him/her. And when you get a text, call, see him/her or even see something that reminds you of that someone, you cant help but feel those feelings

5.The skilled hands these I missed caress my own,The apologetic eyes that look at me,the voice I want to hear,Tenderly telling me not to cry,If I hold you in my arms
and you disappear,The tears flow and my pillow becomes wet,At last I wake up from my Sleep,The Morning is always like that…MY LOVE

Watashi wa yomi itadaki, arigatōgozaimashita toyuu shitai