Be Strong

Every girls wants a guy..
who loves her..
as much as she love him..
but evry girls comes to learn that..
the guy that was'nt supposed to let you down probably will<3

but girls remember.
. every 60 seconds you spend upset..
is a minute of happiness that u will never get back dont be afraid to love again...
because every experience is different
i no it may seem like your world is falling apart but
every cloud has a silver lining dont frown.

even when you're down because you never know who could be falling in love..
with your smile...
never break up a FRIENDSHIP
over a guy because when that guy is out of your life,,
your friend will be there to help you through it but if you love someone..
tell them.. because hearts are often broken bywords unspoken somebody has their heart broken..
every week,,every days..every hour,,every minute
but as one door closes another door opens more oppotunities
will enter your life there will be other guys more friendship,more breakup,
but these things can only make you stronger
you will miss them at first..
then less and less

Finally they will become a distant memory you will break down and cry try and hold back tears when you see he has moved on but remember.. you are strong and no guy is worth your tears. every girls know its hard but u will have ur heart broken more than once on ur life time and it is harder evrytime

Watashi wa yomi itadaki, arigat┼Źgozaimashita toyuu shitai